Internal Insulation

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Types of Insulation

With inflation on the rise and fuel prices spiralling out of control, any measure to control could be considered wise.

Property insulation is an ideal way to help. Property insulation usually comes in the form of:

  • Loft insulation
  • External wall insulation
  • Internal wall insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation

If the loft is done, the external walls could be the answer. The problem with that potentially could be the long winded process and the eyewatering cost, so maybe not for everyone.

In terms of cavity wall insulation, this should be approached with caution as this method is not suitable for every building. It could be because of the nature of construction; the cavity is too narrow, or in older properties it can actually cause damp where the sodden outer skin actually has a medium in the form of insulation to transmit any moisture contained within to the inner skin.

A Buyers Market

Well it's been a funny few years, what with the pandemic restricting the things we spent money on and staying at home more led to an absolute boom in the construction sector. This saw project prices rise sharply. Now there is a different dynamic, with the cost of living crisis seeing a fall in demand. It is true that material costs have increased; but it may surprise you to find that the overall cost of building projects is currently at a 7 year low! We could survey your property and search our database of outstanding local tradespeople who actually compete for YOUR business. Whats more the prices are actually fixed. So there really has never a better time as of late to invest in your home. You can call us today to arrange for your free no obligation quotes . . .What are you waiting for?
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Internal Insulation

Internal insulation has been used for some time. Traditionally it has remained the domain of the committed environmentalist, due to the room narrowing characteristic when adding Celotex, Kingspan or similar. We now have access to the latest spray on coatings that have a thickness of just a couple of millimetres, and so no discernable size to the room is lost. The data below shows the increase in u-value. This is considered by many to be the best affordable return on investment of any home improvement. If you want to find out more just drop us a line . . .


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